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LBM084: Reducing Turnover, Retaining Talent and Performance Management
Good, motivated employees are the heart and soul of most businesses; the cost of recruiting and training strong talent can be quite significant. How can employers effectively retain and manage talent and reduce turnover? If it is necessary to discipline and/or end an employment relationship, how can it be done with minimal impact to the rest of the team? This seminar will cover a variety of employment and leadership issues, including the following:
The hiring process:
* Finding the right candidate
* Job postings and Human Rights considerations
The relationship:
* Offer letters and employment contracts
* Independent contractors and employees
Performance management:
* Assessing disciplinary behavior
* Violence and harassment
* Progressive discipline (or not)
* Investigations
Terminations and layoffs:
* Terminations with and without cause
* What a layoff really means
* Common law obligation
* Communicating your decision
NOTE: This is an interactive seminar geared towards supervisors, human resource professionals and upper management and will discuss the above important issues and more. Participants are invited to email questions to kathym@ so the instructor can have answers prepared for that day.
Note:Consider continuing with LBM107 Leadership and Creating a Motivated Workplace

LO member price: $125.00
Non-member price: $240.00
Maximum participants: 25
Location: LO Home Office, Milton
Instructor: Representative from Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment and Labour Lawyers
Date: Tuesday February 21, 2017 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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